Arriving December 7th!

Welcome! Please use this page for general event information, safety guidance, schedule details, and event maps to enjoy the Sugar Express Santa Train!


The Sugar Express is operating a real-life steam train to deliver hundreds of gifts to the Toys for Tots programs in South Central Florida. Santa will be along for the ride to wave at children along the route from the train, and at each of the four stops, children will be able to drop off a letter for Santa and see him in person.

Elves on the Sugar Express Santa Train will also be delivering gifts for the Toys for Tots program at each of these stops. Interested parents can sign up to receive toys later in December directly from the program at:


The Sugar Express Santa Train is scheduled to drop off toys in Belle Glade, Clewiston, Moore Haven, and Lake Placid, Florida. As with everything on the railroad, this schedule is subject to change. Keep your eyes peeled to the Sugar Express Facebook Page for live updates of its schedule on the big day!

7:30 AM – Arrive Belle Glade
8:45 AM – Depart Belle Glade

9:50 AM – Arrive Clewiston
11:00 AM – Depart Clewiston

12:00 PM – Arrive Moore Haven
12:45 PM – Depart Moore Haven

2:15 PM – Arrive Lake Placid
3:30 PM – Depart Lake Placid


Here are a few tips on how you can safely enjoy the sights and sounds of the Sugar Express Santa Train:

    • Always expect a train on any track, from any direction, at any time.

    • Stand at least 25 feet back from the railroad tracks at all times when the train is in motion.

    • Never walk on railroad tracks.

    • Observe all traffic laws and posted speed limits.

    • Hearing protection for children 12-and-under is recommended.

    • Share these tips with your friends, family, and others interested in the Sugar Express!


The Sugar Express Santa Train will be operating on the mainline of the South Central Florida Express Belle Glade and Lake Placid. Here are our scheduled display site stops: